• Katheryn Ramirez

A Story of Provision

Updated: May 15

April 2nd at 2 a.m. Pablo was held at knife point as he was making a delivery to Walmart in his Semi truck. They blindfolded him, tied up his hands, and forced him into a car. They drove somewhere where he was forced into another vehicle, dropped off in a bad neighborhood and was told to stay there for 3 hours or something bad was going to happen. As he waited there he told us his faith started to grow again. After his mother passed 4 months before, he started to doubt God's goodness and avoided any phone calls from Jose. Jose and Pablo both cried as they reunited on the phone. Pablo explained that his employers took him out to breakfast this same morning and are now giving him double his pay from now on, being that his job is essential (bringing toilet paper and feminine products to Walmart).

Wow God, you are so good! Pablo was worried he was going to lose his job with many losing their jobs due to the Coronavirus. Also remembering back just 2 years earlier, when we prayed for his family, they had been looking for a job for 3 years with no luck. We remember them telling us that after we had prayed with them, that same week someone came knocking on their door looking to hire him, and that they knew this was God. This was the start of something big. Within these two years they have come to know Jesus personally. Pablo almost abandoned his family and kids due to drugs but now he is off drugs! The physical idols known to this culture they have thrown away and now fully depend on the Lord for provision and comfort! God has provided for them, God you are so good! I love how God is working even when we are stuck at home in our houses not able to.

Thank you Lord for being in charge and being bigger than all this.

Lord, Thank you for working even when we can’t. Thank you for never sleeping but always being here for us, and for your people who are in great need physically, spiritually, and mentally! We need you Lord and are so thankful for who you are! A God that changes lives, provides, and a God we can Trust no matter what!

Update on our Lives

These days look a lot different for many including us. We spent time in Quarantine, at our home in Mexico. We were receiving groceries by delivery and buying water, milk, chicken, and honey in our neighborhood. The orphanages we normally visited, and the soup kitchen we ministered at have been closed to visitors (due to the virus). We have been doing online worship for our church in Guadalajara, we have also started video sermons for all of our ministries, so the kids and neighborhoods will not stop getting encouragement from God and His Word.

We had purchased our plane tickets in January just before anyone knew about the pandemic. Our hope was to spend time with family, friends, and supporters as well as look for more financial and prayer partners, Side note (we can not do this ministry without you) Thank you for your heart, love and support it means so much to us that you are doing this ministry with us (again we can't do this alone!), But now with the virus we have to be cautious about the steps we take.

In January our 14 and 15 year old girls had been helping my brother and his wife with their children in Belize, as they sought to start their next chapter as ministers and missionaries. And then our girls spent another month in Arizona with their grandparents. They have had quite an adventure, but we really missed them and had to pray and ask the Lord what he wanted us to do in regards to going to Arizona at this time with the borders being shut. Being that family is the first ministry God has given us all, we knew we needed to be back with them in this trying time as a nation and world.

April 7th as we left Guadalajara we were told that we were on the very last known flight back to Phoenix. In January I asked and prayed to the Lord when we should go back to visit AZ. I felt confident about coming back at this time after praying and when we heard this from the American Airlines agent I was floored by God's faithfulness! Thank you Jesus that even when our world is turned upside down we can Trust you to take care of us! You are a good good Father, who we praise and I am just in Awe at His provision for us, His Love for us and that we can Trust Him no matter what!

Prayer Request

Please pray for a family we have been ministering to for over 2 years. The husband has been off of drugs and alcohol, and he ended up getting drunk a few days ago. The wife called really upset. We prayed for her and her family as they are really struggling. Please pray with us that he will no longer run to anything but the Lord, that he will see that anything else is counterfeit and that he will run to the only one who can truly fill him with peace and joy when he is struggling with control or any other emotions. For He is a God who saves, provides, and who we can Trust with everything! Amen.

We need prayer for our daughter who has been struggling with asthma related issues once in January, and once at the beginning of May where we had to be admitted to Phoenix Children's Hospital. They will be doing a surgical procedure in June to scope her under anesthesia and observe her overnight to make sure there are no complications with inflammation. Please pray with us for knowledge for the doctors and for more answers of what is causing her struggle to breath.

Please be in prayer as we are in need of raising more support and finding more partners. We are looking into joining a Mission organization called T.E.A.M. were we will be able to collaborate with the team they have in guadalajara. We will be required to raise an additional $5,000 a month. Again we are trusting the Lord to provide through his people and are so thankful to be on this journey with all of you! We can not do this ministry alone and are so Thankful for your hearts, generosity, faithfulness, prayers, and support!

Mission 4 God

We want generation of darkness and hopelessness to be replaced with the hope and love of Jesus.

Our hope is that through teaching God's word they will become:

1. People with faith In Jesus alone.

2. Lovers of God's word.

3. People that seek God in prayer, to see and experience the movement of God in their lives.

4. And a movement of people sharing their faith to the lost around them.

Then he said to his disciples,“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Matthew 9:37-38

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