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A Vision From The Lord

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

In February a vision came to me to go and talk to the churches in Guadalajara about foster care. If all families in the churches here in Guadalajara would just take in one child there would be no more need for orphanages. As I shared my heart and vision with my husband, he shared that this was also a vision a director at Marked was having. I was relieved when I thought I wouldn’t have to go speak personally about this to the churches, and that he would take charge (I am not a speaker, still learning the language, and the thought of speaking to people gives me anxiety). I was excited about this vision because I could see a true way to empty the orphanages. This excited me more than anything because I had started to grieve for the families these children have lost or never had. I would visit on a weekly basis and this was weighing on my shoulders, I wanted to take them all in but knew this was not possible. How could I keep visiting them when I could not save them from their circumstances? Don’t get me wrong, they were clothed, fed, and some had really great facilities to live in but the reality is they had no true parents and family the way God designed a family to be.

In part of March and April when we went back to Arizona to share what we were doing I couldn’t help but be excited for what God was going to do and this vision, so we shared it. When we got back we were let go of the company. This was confusing at the time because no one would give us a direct reason why we were let go. So I started to second guess this vision…”Is God still saying for me to go and speak at the churches?”, I asked as I prayed and told the Lord to please guide me in whatever He wanted. We knew that it was His plan to still be here in Guadalajara and I trusted in Him in this journey of moving our whole lives to His calling for us. We knew this was not in vain, we were only here for Him.

Around June/July when I witnessed one of our friend's kids being abused because of disciplining in anger I could not sleep that night, with the feeling that I needed to protect this child and how I could never let this happen to him ever again. I started to be reminded of a song I heard as a child that really affected me and it lead me to another song that I forgot about but it was so powerful called, The little Girl sung by John Micheal Montgomery. As I laid in bed that night God gave me another vision. For 2 hours it replayed over and over, me on a stage and the words that were coming out of my mouth kept repeating… I got up and wrote these words down in my journal, knowing they were God’s message to the church. The next morning the pastor of our church texted the congregation the devotion for that day talking about acting on the vision God gives us. This was loud and clear that God was telling me to go and speak to the churches here.

In August we visited an orphanage we visit with our church, The Directors are believers and the Lord was telling me to go and tell them this vision. I shared it and they also have been wanting to go and speak with the churches but have very little time. This excited me again wishing I could hand off the speaking to someone else. That same day I shared with one of my dear friends here telling her I needed prayer because if God is telling me to do this I would need a translator and I did not have any connections to churches here to know where to speak at. What church is a gospel-believing church? She replied, “I will be your translator and I have connections.” Wow! I had no excuses now. I had a director from an orphanage backing me, and even may speak for me, a friend who loved the Lord and wanted to be my speaker and help set up appointments to get this message out there!!! God is good. If He tells you to do something He will provide the way.

In September Jose got talking with our neighbor and we find out he is a lawyer for orphanages. Through Him, we got the official information on the legal process for fostering here. I was blown away, he gave us a pamphlet and made us a directory of where each person would go if they wanted to foster depending on the county they lived in.

I’m coming to you, sharing this vision once again to ask for heavy prayer from you! I need this prayer because the enemy does not want these lives to be the way God designed them, he broke their families up so God would not be glorified. Please pray against the enemy attacks and spiritual warfare that will happen for me and my family, for the translator and her family, as well as the director and his orphanage and his family. The devil would be so happy to continue the generational curses in these kids lives and I would love prayer to break these curses. God is our conqueror and He defeated the grave, He is more than able and this is His calling! Please pray for the hearts of the people to change, be opened and willing to use their resources and even vacation money to take care of these children. The government does not give any financial help or even counseling for these kids like the states do in the foster care system. So there is a lot of reason to make excuses for not fostering. Please pray that the people would take this calling for their own lives and that their hearts would be soft, to be proactive in this and run to it.

After talking with the director of the orphanage this is a bigger need than I ever imagined, he said out of the 8-10 million people that live in Guadalajara there are only 5 people who are actually certified to foster. I do not want to procrastinate in what God is asking of me. My goal for speaking in the churches will be for November as we have to call and set up appointments for this. Please pray for there to be no stumbling blocks as we seek to do God’s will.

What we are continuing to do:

1.The Food Kitchen

We are continuing to teach the kids about the bible and the gospel while teaching English every Wednesday. We are falling in love with these kids and know without a doubt God is still calling us here. Please pray for these kids families.

-A new boy is attending the food kitchen, please pray for him as his mom was killed last week. She was selling drugs and involved with the wrong crowd. Pray for healing in this boys life as his grandmother is now raising him. Pray for his salvation.

-Please pray for this community we are being asked to give the mom’s a bible study due to a lot of them being depressed, some on drugs, and some dealing with family members on drugs. We would be honored to bring them to hope through the gospel and are praying for were God wants us to carve out the time for this.

-A Praise: one of the girls stopped attending the food kitchen due to her parent's marriage problems. The mom and her moved away but last Monday they moved back in with her father, so the girl is back. This is an answer to prayer! Please pray for her parent's marriage to grow strong and for her parents to run to the Lord as their personal Savior.

2. Bible study in El Salto

We are continuing our bible study and moved to reading Romans. The second week we had only 2 in attendance. I knew they would only attend if they needed God that week so I prayed that they would need and desire the Lord. The next week they had two family members go to the hospital, one in a diabetic coma and one had an explosion in front of a stove at work and had his face burnt very badly. One of the ladies husbands was electrocuted and his life spared (he almost drowned in the process as his body was thrown unconsciously into a muddy hole the depth of a building), the other husband we found out is battling with cancer. Please pray for healing in this family’s life, pray for their hearts to run to the Lord always no matter what, in their pain and happiness. We also found out that their daughter was much younger than we expected she is 16 and has not been attending school. Please pray that she seeks after an education as she says she will go back to school next year. Her parents make very little money and need her help working. If you remember we started to do this bible study because this family asked us to. The older daughter was tempted to go back to selling drugs and was hungry for the Lord. Now she is selling jewelry. Later I will post some of the things her and her family are selling.

Update for the wife whose husband is in rehab: Please pray for her to give her whole heart to the Lord. Even though she has been very good at attending the Bible studies she wavers in her faith and feels like she can’t call herself a Christian yet. She gave us an update on her husband. He is seeking after the Lord and wants to be baptized!!! Such an answer to prayer! He was hoping she would feel the same way in her faith and encouraged her to want to get baptized as well. Please pray for them to be equally yoked in their marriage. Pray that they would both seek after the Lord and nothing else! Pray that she will make wise decisions for her kids and that she will throw away the idols she places before God for fulfillment. Another Praise, the 5-year-old son asks his mom to read the bible to him at night before bed and they pray on their walk to school every day! Please don’t give up on praying for this family! God is doing so much but I see the mother not holding on as tight to Jesus in her loneliness and struggle as a single mother while her husband is getting help. If he is in the program for the recommended time he will get back in March.

3. The Orphanage

We are continuing to bring the gospel message to the kids at the orphanage. Please pray that their hearts will realize their need for a savior. Please pray that we can bring this message to them in a way that they enjoy it, without watering anything down. I would love for each of these young ladies and children to have a bible with their very own name engraved on it. That they could dig into the word for themselves with or without us. If any of you would be willing to bring this idea to your churches for an angel tree to provide a beautiful Bible for Christmas for these girls, this would be a HUGE blessing. Just like we want our children to love the Lord and read the bible for themselves and enjoy their bible I would love this for these kids who would never be able to afford this without help. When we are at this orphanage Jose will tell them what the bible says and one of the girls was amazed that the Bible actually said what it said. She really desires to have a Spanish speaking bible that she can call her own. She is about 15 years old. (Bible Spanish NTV version)

4. Herseys

Jose is still teaching two classes a week at Hersey and another English class in our neighborhood. We are feeling the Lord leading us to move on from this job. The word of God is being heard during every class but we know we have to make time for other ministries and if we can have more time for Bible studies in the neighborhood where the food kitchen is at and where God is calling us to than we need to listen. We would love for this English class to continue with another Christian teacher so please be praying for a replacement.

5. Church

We are still serving at our church as we have been a part of it since it started in June. Jose is still in AV and leading the world impact prayer for different countries. I am continuing to be apart of worship and the children’s church. We love this church Family and Love the people we serve with here! We just finished a 24/7 prayer week and are very excited to see the Lord answering prayers for His people.

One more prayer request, please pray for our family as we have been battling colds for over 2 months. We never want to cancel anything we are doing but also don’t want to spread sickness to others. Please pray for our health.

Thank you for your prayers, we would not be able to do this ministry without you! Thank you for your continued support and love!

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! Psalm 115:1

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