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August Update

Bible Intergrated english

We are continuing to teach bible intergrated english weekly at a children's food kitchen near by.

we were told by staff that this is something they have been wanting someone to be able to do, with clarity and understanding, walking them through the scriptures. Right now we are learning writing skills by numbers through the days of creation, prepositions, sound blending, and pronunciation. At this children's food kitchen Jose and I teach a combined total of 5 classes.

Jose also continues to work for some extra cash teaching English at the Hershey’s Corporate office two times a week. They are learning to speak better English while going through the book of Proverbs, and he just picked another bible integrated english teaching job in our neighborhood, walking through the book of John. God is good!

Casa Hogar

We have continued to lead the Bible study/Church service at the orphanage every Friday. We are very excited for what the Lord is doing here. Jose is doing a marvelous job at teaching God’s story on creation. With the power of the Holy Spirit he is laboring to stir up the awe and wonder of God that is so often passed over and missed. I love seeing how real and powerful God has allowed him to present it. It’s not a small thing that God created the world, we can conclude some huge facts about who God is; All Creative, All Powerful, All Knowing, and All Loving!

Aiding A Church Plant

The church we have been attending started in June, and has gone from a small home service, to now renting a bigger building. Jose is currently assisting with the AV, and speaking about/praying for world missions during the services. And I am on a rotation to teach in the children's ministry as well as the worship team. We love seeing how God is growing and multiplying the church! He has even brought in some potential friends for our girls.

Everything we have started, or have been apart of is all because of prayer and seeking God through every action, every moment, and every day.

Reaching Out To The Community

While visiting the area of El Salto and the family we had talked about in our last update, we have been meeting more families in this community. (Some we met when we first arrived in Mexico while Jose preached at a church for 8 months across from Hilario’s Orphanage, and God has reconnected us with some of them.)

One day while in the area we had an intense conversation with a lady. she expressed her desire to go back to selling drugs, because her husband had less work and they were really struggling. She was mad at God, because in her mind her life was much better when she had a bigger income from drug dealing. She wanted to throw her bible away, but as she went to do it she said something wouldn't let her throw it away. She asked God for a sign and the next day we were there talking to her about Jesus! She said God answered her prayers! She asked us to do a bible study at her home. We started one and it has been going well! Her mom, sister, neighbor, and friend who is not a believer, (and someone we have been ministering to for weeks) came. This unbeliever also does not read so it has been a blessing to have her come and listen to the Word of God. We have started reading in 1st Corinthians. This time was such a blessing and I am so excited to do more of this study in Corinthians with them! The hope and prayer is to seriously take a look at God word and apply it, while simultaneously teaching and empowering them to duplicate what we are doing for them.

The gospel is being preached and Gods name is being proclaimed! Thank you Lord for these opportunities to share You with others, You are the reason we are here!

Prayer Request:

Prayers for the community

1. Please continue to pray for the family we talked about in our last update. The Husband is continuing in the drug rehabilitation facility. (such a blessing! Praise the Lord!) The wife is working a lot but we are helping her learn budgeting skills. Pray for her to have self control while learning this. She earns exactly what she needs to live on.

2. Praise!: God has been supplying, the lady’s husband we do bible study with, a good construction job for the month! Please pray for her to grow a close intimate relationship with Jesus.

3. Pray for Lulu the unbeliever at the bible study, that her eyes will be open to who God is and that she will accept Him as her personal Savior! God has provided so much for this family in the past two months that we have known them, it’s incredible! but we are praying she sees who the real provider of all these blessings have been!

4. Pray for a boy who is 12 years old. He has dropped out of school and is constantly running to drugs. We met his mother through the food kitchen. His mother is asking Jose for help in this situation and we are praying for them and asking God for direction. Pray for movement here that he will want to get help for this addiction.

Prayers for our family

5. Pray for the Lord to be in everything we do and to be shown to all we minister to!

6. Pray for our family. We tried to get the older girls in school here in order for them to know the language better and get friends here but Mexico’s school system does not currently work with any homeschooling families, so they wanted the girls to go back one to two year in school in order to attend. I have prayed a lot about this because I have been told by numerous people not to put the girls in school here and this appears like another closed door. I am sad because the girls really wanted to go to school and I am not an expert at homeschooling being that last year was my first year, and we had to do it because the girls did not know the language at the time. Please pray that we would trust the Lord when things appear to not go our way. Pray for our girls as they try to find a life here. (Missing out on middle school and high school is a big deal when its not your choice.)

7. Prayerfully consider being blessed by being a blessing Donate Here!

-Other ways to contribute: If you are a lover of coffee this is for you! Through Cultivate, a coffee company dedicated to coming alongside refugees, and children in the foster care system. They have generously offered to donate to our ministry $3 for every bag of coffee purchased just included Ramirez5 in the order notes. This company is not only for a good cause, but has really good tasting coffee. Our favorite is their Peruvian.

Psalm 115:1 "Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!"

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