• Katheryn Ramirez

Count Your Blessings

El Salto

We are hearing so many amazing things from Pablo and his wife Irma. I ́m amazed at how God can turn one person's life around when they give their life completely to Jesus. Everyone Pablo knew is surprised at how he is a different person after the drug facility. He really does look from the inside and out so different. His boss also took notice and wants to give him a supervisor position. People want to get help for their drug addiction now and are asking for help. He is a light for his community! Please be praying for him, that God will strengthen him and his faith but also give him wisdom only God can give him.

Please rejoice with us... Pablo's wife finally threw away her idol, the Virgin of Guadalupe that she used to pray to and depend on. She told us now she is a Christ follower and wants to seek Jesus alone. We thank the Lord for their transition in the past year!! Irma told us even the baby says Amen when they pray as a family. Thank you, Jesus, for Hope and for this family!

I have been asking God to help us have enough to give Pablo and Irma ́s three boys clothes since November. When Christmas came I was disappointed because our giving budget went to peoples food needs first and a bible for the boys so we did not have extra. But God moved 2 Sundays ago one of our friends from India who goes to our church had a lot of new clothes in the exact sizes of the boys! I feel overwhelmed and so blessed that God has answered this prayer and heard my voice! Thank you, Jesus, for caring about this family even more than I can!

Please pray for this family and their needs. Pablo works a lot and is a very hard worker but the pay in the jobs here in Mexico often are very low they are lucky to have food for the day for their family and have found out a few times that they almost didn't eat that day if we did not show up. A few weeks ago we knew their spirits were low. We brought dinner and acted when the Lord told me to bring the guitar. We sat and worshipped God together in Spanish. This was so good to see God uplift their spirits by the time we left. Thank you, Jesus, for who you are and the power only you have!

We are still continuing bible study with the 22-year-old girl in this neighborhood. She has not been tempted and continues to say no to the people who ask her to do drugs. She had her baby March 18th. Please pray for her, this baby, and her faith in Jesus that she continues to go to him for everything! I want to thank the Lord for all he is doing, giving me the words, bible stories, and verses to bring to her. I asked and He is giving me everything. I can not do any of this on my own but only through Him!

Soup Kitchen/ Comedor

We are still enjoying teaching Bible Study, English, and Sewing class here. There are about 7 groups total that we teach. Thank you, Jesus, for these opportunities to show your love. We were told one of the teenage boys always hangs out at the food kitchen even though his mom is at home. We are thankful that this place is a safe and loving environment for these kids and that we can be a part of it.

Our daughters have been learning how to make Barbie clothes from the other sewing teacher in Spanish, this is a huge blessing since the girls are homeschooled they need to be around more Spanish. I have been teaching the moms how to make pants. I'm excited to see the final product.

For Valentines week we made sugar cookies and the kids got to decorate them. This was fun to see the kids excitement and enjoyment to do something different and get a treat. Well worth the hours I spent preparing for this activity.

Orphanage/Casa Hogar

We are happy to say that the orphanage, La Ola that we go to every week for Bible study has found a property to move to. Last week Jose went to check the plumbing and will try to return soon. I am very excited to see the property. I'm not sure about the status on how much money they need still but I am feeling so happy that there is progress and God is showing up in this situation. Please continue to pray for the directors Becky and Bob for their health and comfort from God's provisions. Our friend Ceaser and his family came for Valentines day and gave each of the girls at the orphanage a gift and made amazing cupcakes. The next week we also got to have the kids decorate sugar cookies. I was told once by someone who grew up in an orphanage that when she grew up and had her own family she had no traditions to pass down to their kids. I hope this one is a good tradition we do for Holidays that they always look forward to.

Please be in prayer for the girls at La Ola orphanage! One ran away (a 15-year-old), one baby who is around one year old got sent back to family and they are concerned she is not being cared for, and another girl who is about 2 ½, the lawyer took her back to a family member. We are nervous about her family's situation. It breaks my heart to think that these little ones would not be cared for properly. Again please be praying for them! God has a plan and all I can do is pray and trust.

2 weeks ago we visited an orphanage with our church called Ranchitos Con Esperanza. It was a full days work but very fulfilling. One of our good friends from church was able to get his place of work to help gift the kids some of their needs and wants. I had the pleasure of assisting the kids to make the letters for these requests. I loved this it was fun to help the kids dream bigger. I also had the pleasure of doing a craft and worship with them. I love these kids they are very sweet every time we come.

Speaking at the Churches about Foster Care

Last month we called 7 churches. We had two responses. One church said they had very new believers and did not want us to share at the moment. The other church we had the opportunity to speak at last night. There were 2 different bible studies being held at the same time that host most of the core people at this church. There were around 250 people between 2 and we got an amazing response of 11 people interested in more information and wanting to help in some way.

Last time we spoke to about 700 people and got about 7 people wanting to help. The statistics usually run talk to 100 people and get one to act. Im thankful to be apart of what God is doing!

Wednesday we will speak to one more bible study at the same church with about 70 people. This church has about 1,000 in attendance total so I was disappointed to not speak to all 1,000 but God has a plan and at least we got to speak to the core people running after the Lord. Please pray for their hearts to be open to what God is calling them to do.

Our Church: Grace and Truth

We have been a part of the start and leadership of this church since last June. They have been renting a room out of another church building, but are now in need of finding a new location. For the month of March we are meeting in a park. This is an amazing space due to the nature and trees there. Please be in prayer of where God is wanting us to meet and that he will guide us. The week of March 4th kicked off 24/7 Prayer. This is where a room is dedicated for prayer, and every hour of the day for 1-week straight someone is dedicated to praying. The first time I participated in this I was a little intimidated but now it is such a special time that I look forward to. The room has many places to pray for many different subjects; family, friends, marriage, children, addiction, missionaries, pastors, different countries, presidents/ leaders, etc.

Thank you, Jesus, for this church and all you are doing!

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! Psalm 115:1
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