• Katheryn Ramirez

December Update

El Salto

We are excited Pablo has come back from the drug facility, and already started back at a job. He has really changed physically and mentally for the Lord, we are so proud of him! He says,

"My biggest problem wasn't my drug addiction, my biggest problem was my need for Jesus Christ."

I Love this!

God also drew another man into our bible study. One day as we were sharing God's word this man was walking down the street on his way to work. At this point we were partly through reading a chapter in the book of Romans, as we look up this man is standing in the doorway with a very intense look on his face. Before we could say anything he says in a loud voice, "are you guys reading the bible!?" We confirm that we are, then he passionately asks us "can I please stay and listen!" Amazing, Only Jesus can draw people in this way!

Since getting to know him and his family we have found out that he has been in and out of drug addiction, along with his sons who are also currently addicted. The enemy has made a devastating blow to his family, but we know that Jesus is greater and will restore his family.

We are praying in the name of Jesus for this precious family, please pray with us!

Since meeting Him and praying, Jose has had many opportunities to minister to him and boldly speak truth into his life, at times very uncomfortable truth. He has chosen not to live in the El Salto area anymore, because he is realizing the tremendous temptations to drugs, namely his brothers who can so easily provide him with his next fix. So he and his wife have decided to rent an apartment away from all that mess. God has been so gracious to them, you can see clearly the hand of God working in their lives over the past few months. The moment they decided to make the move into the new apartment he lost his job, but his words were different this time he knew God had a plan, so we prayed in that light knowing that we had an all sufficient God, and that when we put the kingdom of God first that all needs will be provided for always! And the very next day God provided them with a new Job! Jesus is so good!

The community is taking notice of what God is doing. I say this because 12 of the people from the small neighborhoods we minister in joined us December the 15th for our church Christmas event, which was about 30-40 minutes away from where they lived. The comment we received was eye opening:

"In all my years I have never seen people from those communities willingly with 100% trust allow someone to drive them to an area that they have never been to, so far away from their home, especially to a church event, just seeing this has made my whole night"

this comment opened our eyes to see the work God has been doing. The reason we started the bible study in El Salto was at the request of a woman who was at a fork in the road, so strongly tempted to run back to the selling and using of drugs. She asked us to do a bible study around June-July and after much prayer we started it in September. This woman, I am so proud of her. We get to celebrate with her a year of being off drugs!! She is also now working in her new job as a security guard. Thank you Jesus for the success of these families!

Please help them to run after you Jesus and not fall. Please help them to shine your light and impact their communities for your glory! In Jesus name Amen!

Soup Kitchen

At the soup kitchen we went through a 3 week series on the Christmas story. We believe God did a mighty work in opening eyes and planting seeds, to the reality of who Jesus actually is. The week before Christmas our girls had an opportunity to take part in a wordless Gospel skit that was created by "Grace And Truth Ministries" they presented it to the kids at the soup kitchen. It was a blast and they loved it. It also made a clear impact on a sweet grandmother who lives in that community and works for food at the soup kitchen. Due to the Gospel skit she had decided to join the teenage bible study we hold in this community called "La Duraznera", she said the Gospel skit was the highlight of her whole week. since then we have branched off into an adult bible study for those who live in "La Duraznera". So now there are 2 bible studies that God has started in this community.

Please be in prayer, because in the 2 bible studies all are non-christian, and God has given them this hunger to know his word!

The church we attend in Guadalajara also provided the soup kitchen with a Christmas tree, we had a blast watching the kids decorate it with some of the ornaments they made in our class that reflected the Christmas story. On the 22nd, we were blessed to be able to present the kids, that attend the English class and bible study, with amazing personal bibles gifted to them from "Immanuel Bible Church" in Arizona. The kids Loved the gift and that week we were told one of them already started to read it on his own! We were excited to hear this, because this boy in particular is only 15 years old and has suffered so much. His dad is not in the picture, and there is so much bad around him that has influenced him, but God is saying he is mine, and has given him a hunger for the word of God!!!

Please continue to pray for these kids as we help them read the word that they will fall in love with Jesus! And Thank you so much Immanuel Bible for providing these kids with such a beautiful gift! We are excited to continue walking them through the Bible!


We did the same 3 week series on the Christmas story/ Church Gospel skit, and special testimonies with the girls at the orphanage. We also decorated Christmas cookies, and were very excited to have them also open their Bibles from Immanuel Bible Church! They do not own their own bibles so I know this was a huge gift for them as well! The girls had a blast and felt filled by their gift and time with our church. We are excited to teach them how to study the bible starting in Ephesians this month!

Please be in prayer over this orphanage because they are suppose to be moving out of the rental property they are currently in but do not have the funds to move.

Speaking at more Churches

Please be in prayer as we call more churches to speak about Foster Care and Adoption.

We received a short list through the women we work with at the soup kitchen.

I feel more nervous and need prayer for boldness to share what the Lord has told me to. I feel like I can relate to Moses in my desire not to speak. But I need to get out of the way and be obedient to His calling.

Prayer Request

1. We would love involvement from you this summer!! We would love and are praying for a church team to come and do vacation bible school with the kids at the soup kitchen and possibly the orphanage.

2. We also would love your involvement on either joining by visiting us or donating to have a Spa Day for the soup kitchen woman. The goal would be to teach the kids and teens hygiene, but also to pamper the moms/aunts/grandmothers who are playing the role of mom in the lives of these children. We would love to not only do nails, hair, and makeup. But also the next day have a tea party where they get to dress up and hear some encouragement with the word of God.

Please be in prayer for this and contact us if you are interested!

3. Pray that we would be bold, and resist the attacks of the enemy.

4. Pray that our ministry to our own family will be rich, meaningful, and that the Lord would unify us even more.

5. Pray that we would continue to bring hope and shine Jesus to these communities.

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! Psalm 115:1

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