• Katheryn Ramirez

God Is Moving

This is a larger than normal story so if you don't have the time to sit and read, scroll to the bottom to the prayer list and please take some time to pray.

In March God moved my heart for a stranger, a woman and her three kids. As I was sitting in front of an Oxxo, (Oxxo is like a 7/11), waiting for Jose to grab coffee for us while we did bible lesson plans. I saw this woman and tears started to pour from my eyes. I wasn’t sure she had a home, and she looked so young with three kids under the age of 6. When Jose got back into the car I told him we needed to do something. I had no clue what, but I knew it would not be ok to just leave without doing something.

After praying and pleading for their lives, asking God what we should do, Jose and I decide to go looking for them. After going down a few streets we found her with her husband and 3 children. Jose said to them God told us to come pray with you and asked if they had any specific prayer request that we could pray for. They looked at each other, surprised and said they had been seeking a job for the husband for a really long time.

So we prayed, and after sharing the Gospel Jose encouraged them to read the word of God and gave them a bible with his contact information in it.

He said He knew God had plans for their family, and that we would continue to pray. Within this same week something amazing happened, someone came knocking on their door to offer a good paying job for him! God was showing them that He provides! They knew it was God and gave Him the credit! We delivered a gift of food to them and noticed there was nothing in their house, no furniture, nothing on their floors. So when we visited after they received the Job it was a joy to see how God provided for them, beds, refrigerator, a portable stove. God blessed them with so much!!

In April when we got back from visiting Arizona we started visiting them once a week to share more about Jesus. We started eating meals with them, and getting to know them as friends. In June we found out that the Husband was doing drugs. This was really hard to see, but we continued to pray for him and the family. He said he wanted to stop, but then would go back to doing them again. The wife went from not knowing God to picking up the bible everyday multiple times a day reading in psalms. She said that when she reads the scriptures it bring peace to her soul, and that no matter what it always says God is forever faithful and that God's love will never end! What a miracle that she was going to God and that she knew He was her helper when trouble came! Her new found faith is speaking volumes!

About 3 weeks ago things got really bad. The husband wasn’t coming home consistently, and when he was he would fight with her. One day we came to visit and the 5 year old had a big mark on his face. She told us he was disciplining his son but it got out of hand, and that they weren’t able to sleep all night, they were so upset about what happened. That same day the wife found out that her husband used all the rent and food money for the month on drugs and they were 3 days late on rent already. She was so upset and was in fear of what was going to happen. Her husband got so angry he tore her bible and started to burn it.

In Arizona we always had a heart to give to people in need but never set aside money purposely and ahead of time to do so. Even though we live on a lot less here, we see so much need that the Lord has called us to have a giving budget of 5% of what we make after tithe. So this is how we knew we could help our friends pay rent and food for the month, But we knew this would not be healthy every month to support their family. We started to ask God how we should continue to help them in the healthiest way possible. The sameday we paid rent and went and bought groceries and propane for the family, we came back to the house and the doors were locked even when we used the key. The wife knew her husband was inside and for some reason was not letting her in. He grabbed a small backpack, stormed out of the house as fast as he could and said he was leaving for a different state in Mexico. Jose grabbed his arm and started to talk to him. They started walking toward the bus stop near the house and they talked a lot. The husband said he wasn’t adequate to be a father, Jose replied none of us are, but with the Lord’s help we can be. Jose started to tell the husband that the devil is out to destroy his family, and distract him. At this exact time a man walked past them with huge eyes screaming at them Jose was convinced that this was a demon. But when they ignored it the demon walked away and never even bothered the crowd of people surrounding them. Jose asked if he wanted to go get help for the drugs, he said he would come back and be with his family but was still leaving at 12 that night to a different state. Jose said he would be back at 9am to bring him to a facility to get help regardless if he said he would be there. The next day the husband was awaiting Jose’s arrival. In tears they went to the drug facility and got information. This facility is a free christian facility that helps people get off drugs, but they make the person wait a few days before check in so the percentage of people who leave in the middle of treatment is less. After they got the information Jose had to pick up his bag that he accidently left at the orphanage the night before, this was an hour drive away. The husband wanted to go with him to pick it up. They got to the orphanage and the director was expressing to Jose that she believed some of the girls had arrived with demons following them, and that she wanted Jose to pray with them over every girl. The husband watched this hour long prayer session. As he stood in the doorway he said that his arm began to burn and the pain increased the whole time they were praying. After the director invited them to serve burgers/dinner to the girls at the orphanage. On the way home the husband said he could see the whole picture now, and that his kids could end up in an orphanage if he kept doing drugs. His eyes were opened after this experience, and God changed his heart with in those few hours.

The following Monday Jose picked him up and they traveled 6 hours to the Christian drug facility. God is working!!!

The next week would be focusing on assisting the wife to get a job and finding the 3 boys a babysitter. We handed the wife the universal application to get a job here in Guadalajara within days we found a place hiring but it would be a 30 minute bus ride. We come back to visit her a week later, and she told us that she found a job within 3 minutes walk from here house! Not only that but it’s an amazing paying job for Mexico and for where she lives, equivalent to $6 dollars an hour and this job would also give her a uniform and grocery money, since its a grocery store that divides food out to all the stores here in town! Out of all the people who were trying to get the one position available she was the one given the position! This was an answer to our prayers!!! God is a provider! He also provided a babysitter through mutual friends who use to attend the church Jose use to preach at. God is connecting us with people for a reason and we know He has a plan!

The other funny thing about God’s plan is He is constantly telling me He knew of these things happening now, but knew it along time ago. After we got back from Arizona we met 3 people who worked at the US Embassy. After our passports got stolen we had to pay a visit here to get new ones. I was struggling yesterday feeling home sick and my passport being taken was just another sign of the enemy against me. There was about 10 people working behind the counter and 3 of them I knew!!! I felt very Loved as I saw familiar faces speaking my language.

Thank you God for knowing all, my future, present, and past! Please help me not take these things for granted but to rest in your arms and enjoy this life you have called me to.

Psalm 115:1 “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”

Please Pray For:

  1. The new families that are coming to us seeking to know Christ.

  2. The wisdom to minister according to God’s will.

  3. The Husband who is currently in the Christian drug facility, that he would cling to Jesus and His healing power.

  4. For the children who are living in the orphanages that they would truly see and believe upon Jesus and see the tremendous love he has for them, also as we continually go to them that it would make a difference for the kingdom of God.

  5. For our finances that God would provide according to his will, Jose is currently teaching English and seeking to do plumbing Jobs to try and bring in some supplemental income. Donate Here!

  6. For our transportation today it broke down, Jose keeps it maintained pretty well, but this issue came upon us suddenly, we are hoping to get an answer on the issue soon.

  7. And last but not least our family, that God would give us all Love and wisdom to be the the wife, husband, mother, father, and daughters He has called us to be. In Jesus Name Amen!

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