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Over 3 Feet of Hail!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Sunday we woke up to hail all over the City. Ten minutes away there was a crazy amount of hail where semis and cars were stuck on the roads and according to the news 450 buildings were damaged. Kids were playing and sledding down the mounds of marble sized hail piles. On Monday a lot of the hail had melted. For more info on the news report:

Arizona Visit

We visited Arizona at the end of April to the beginning of June and want to thank everyone for all their love while we were there. We came back feeling very blessed and loved by everyone.

First Week Back

The car was in the shop so we used an Uber (very different price here than in the states). Jose was sharing the gospel to the Uber driver, during our drive we saw a big truck hit an electric pole. As we passed by the driver of the truck had blood pouring from his face and continuing to try to drive while in shock. Jose just got done sharing with the Uber driver how we never know when our last day on earth is. We called 911 and prayed for this driver together with the Uber driver.

EL Salto

We are praying for a better Job for Pablo, there has been a lot of issues with the company he works for and they have not been paying him for his work. We found out they are expecting a baby! We are very excited for them, but also concerned for the income and job situation. God has a plan and we keep lifting this family to the Lord. Please be praying for Pablo and Irma’s marriage, as the enemy would like nothing more than destroying what God has done in their lives. We know God always has the victory and we are praying for both of them to submit fully to the Lord as they are in a stressful situation with their finances, Pablo’s work, and a baby on the way.

Soup Kitchen/Comedor

We have been back for 4 weeks and are changing things up a little. We decided to fully focus on the Bible and step away from the English and sewing classes for now. In one of the studies, the kids prayed for their friends, family, and the sick. I was blown away that one of their prayer requests was that their friends would have enough food to eat. This broke my heart. I have grown up very privileged to never have to pray this over my friends (until now). It's hard to imagine a world where people go hungry and often skip meals, not because there is a lack of work but the lack of pay for the work. Jesus, please provide for these people. Your word says that you will provide for all our needs, they are your creation and your children.

In April we finished the sewing class here and I was very proud of the mom who finished what she started, she finished the pajama pants she made for her daughter.

Jose and a friend have also started a Bible study with the adults here, Thursday nights. We are excited to see what God is going to do. They are studying Psalms. Jose is getting them in a routine to ask 4 major questions when reading scripture: Who is God in this passage?, What has He done (Specifically through Jesus)?, What is our identity? And How can we now live?

In July we are having a mom and daughter Spa/Purity event where we will have a testimony explaining how God transformed a girl’s life out of a dark depression. The men and young boys will also be doing a Sports day/ Purity event the same day. We are excited and preparing for this right now. Please be in Prayer for all God will be doing in the hearts and lives of these kids. Also, I just want to thank our church group here in Guadalajara, Grace and Truth, who is willing to be a part of this event. We are so happy that our pastor and his wife are willing to speak and our good friend’s willing to do their testimony and help with supplying some of the spa supplies. God is so good to provide all these people to love on the kids and families here. Thank you, Jesus.

La Ola/ The Wave Orphanage

We have continued to do bible study here at this orphanage with the theme of having intimacy with God. We have been memorizing with the kids Matthew 7:7, 7:8, and 7:9. This study has been very fun with a lot of games and interaction from the kids. We also prayed in groups for the poor, sick, and homeless. I love seeing the kids hearts.

We were gone for 7 weeks in the states and while we were out this orphanage received 9 more children. Many came with fractures, scars, and abuse. Please be pleading for these kids to know the one who can heal them inside and out and be there for them always, no matter what. Pray that they will know the Love of Jesus, the only one who can give real fulfillment.

We are planning on doing the spa event here in July/August as well and are very excited. We have had a purity talk with these girls about a year and a half ago but there is a lot of new faces. Please pray for this event, for the girls' hearts to be open, and the speaker and testimonies.

We are burdened for one of the girls that was taken back to her family and is almost 3 years old. Please be praying for “S”, her aunt was hired to come work for the orphanage and brought “S” when she was working. This blessed the directors until one-day “S” expressed that she was scared to go back to the home because her uncle was touching her in an inappropriate way and that it was hurting her. The Director reported this to Child Protective Services and they have NOT been fighting for her safety. They have not even checked her physically. We are asking the Lord to protect her and get her in a safe environment. Please pray that the person in authority would have a heart to change this girls life, that she will not be in a vulnerable position to be abused, and that God will provide her with a loving, God-fearing family.

This orphanage is living in a temporary rental property and is hoping to move to their own property in September. Please pray that God will provide the finances for them to move. Also, pray for the directors as they are really struggling with “S” situation. Please pray that they can give it all to the Lord and place it in His hands. It’s so easy to worry about what we can’t control and try to change the outcome on our own. It is hard when there is nothing more we can do but let go and let God do it all.

Lord, please move in this situation! Please give Becky and Bob peace that only you can give! Give them wisdom if there is anything more that they can do to fight for “S”.

Ranchito con Esperanza/ Little Ranch With Hope Orphanage

We have had the privilege in February to help the kids write letters to a big office here in Guadalajara for 3 items they need and want. Since we have been back we were able to see all their wants and desires fulfilled physically, the people at the company went above and beyond just 3 items. We got to help deliver all these gifts to them, thanks to the people at this company and our friend at the church that goes with us who set the whole thing up at his office. Thank you, Jesus, for moving in these people’s hearts, thank you for loving these kids more than we can. At this event, Jose was able to share the gospel to the 3 people who joined us this day from the company who are not believers. We are so thankful for these opportunities to pour in and love others!

Speaking at the Churches about Foster Care

In March we spoke at a church called “Palabra de Vida”, or “Word of Life”. We had an amazing response from speaking at just 3 bible studies of 300 people total. 25 people signed up to either wanting more information or wanting to help in some way. This really excited me, that so many people responded to our talk.

We have invited the people who signed up 2 times to join us to go to Ranchito Con Esperanza Orphanage and our Friday evening visits to La Ola Orphanage and no one has been able to attend yet. God is the one who told me to go to the churches and speak so it’s His thing, I will place it in His hands without concern. I will continue to keep inviting and see what unfolds. Kay who created Christian Family Care Adoption Agency in Arizona told me that it takes 7 times for a person to hear about adoption and fostering before they act so I will continue to make appointments to call more churches after the summer when people are not traveling and are settled back in their daily routines. Thank you, Jesus, for your calling on our lives. Thank you that you have a plan, we can always trust you and place things in your hands. You are an amazing God, who loves the people around us. Help us to love them the way you do, Jesus!

Church: Grace and Truth

Grace and truth had their first anniversary in June. Thank you, Lord, for continuing in your work through this church! We have been renting a Gym for our Sunday services. We love this family here and are thankful to be a part of their ministry team! I am so thankful to have friends and family through this church while not living in my home country!

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! Psalm 115:1


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