• Katheryn Ramirez


Soup Kitchen/ Comedor

Wednesday July 31st we had a blast with everyone as we put on a Spa/Purity Event with the women, young ladies, and girls there. The Men put on a Sports/Purity Day Camp and talked with the young men and boys. We had such a good time with Testimonies of people sharing how God has transformed their lives, and has helped them with having a pure heart and mind. Some of the moms were in tears during the talk and were affected by what was said. Our friend who gave her testimony asked the young girls about what is appropriate to wear and how to get negative attention from boys, wearing short skirts or clothes that cover your skin. They answered in confidence already knowing the right answers. In Mexico many women wear see-thru-shirts, short shirts, and short shorts even in businesses.

In the Women’s Event we had pedicures, manicures, facials, and make up being done with snacks and sparkling orange juice. Afterwards there was a small photo shoot so the moms could have pictures with their daughters. Many in this area struggle to have enough to eat so they probably don’t have many pictures of their loved ones.

The Men did relay races and competitions and said that one of the boys came up afterwards to ask for advice. The boy mentioned that he does bad things at home and wanted to know how to change. This is really nice that some are starting to open up and we are seeing that this young man’s heart in particular wants to do the right thing and live the way God wants him to even when its hard. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to see you working in the hearts and minds of these kids! I love seeing God work!

I am so thankful for Grace and Truth Church and the Soup Kitchen for helping us with this event, I couldn’t have done it without them and am so Thankful for all the friendships we have with these two groups.

El Salto

Pablo got a new Job!!! We are so excited for him and his family after Months of prayer God has moved! Thank you for praying with us God has heard our prayers! Pablo has a license to drive Semi trucks and worked with this company 4 years ago, they ended on bad terms but when they interviewed him again they saw that he was a changed man and not the same person he was before. God is Good! Thank you Jesus for giving him a better job situation.

In early July Irma was walking to the bus to go to an early doctor appointment and was held at gunpoint. The gunman held the gun at Irma’s unborn baby, made her close her eyes, and then he stole her purse and left. Irma was really shaken up by this and is still nervous because the thief saw her leave her house and knows where she lives. Please be in prayer that she will be at peace as she runs to the Lord when she feels scared or unsafe. Also pray for protection for the family.

La Ola Orphanage

We will be doing a Spa/Purity Event with the girls here soon, and are so excited to pamper the girls here. In the meantime we are continuing to do bible studies with them, last friday we talked about trusting in the Lord and had some fun games. Please continue to pray for their hearts and minds to run to Jesus, the only one that can be there for them always! Also please continue to pray for “S”, we will keep you updated when we know more.

Grace and Truth Church

The church has started an evangelizing and prayer night in different homes instead of at a church rental property every Wednesday. This past Wednesday was in our new rental home. God has allowed us to move to a house more like a home in the states (only 15 minutes away from our old house) and we thank Jesus everyday for the chance to live in this space. I have been praying since we have moved to Mexico to have a home that is a sanctuary for our lives, that we can rest in after serving and pouring out on others. Again, I have to say with teary eyes God has heard my prayers and has allowed us to be in the home that I believe he prepared for us to live in. The surrounding neighborhood is a little more rough than our last neighborhood. This past Wednesday it was so good to get out in a group to meet our new neighbors.

One neighbor we met is a grandmother named Rosa who’s Son and daughter-in-law left, she has not heard from them and has no idea where they are. She is working and taking care of her grandkids as if they were her own. Her husband died 2 years ago, she is a widow. Please be in prayer for this family. She lives with her 2 sister-in-laws and their families. There is at least 10 people living in the same house if not more family members. I was so thankful to meet them and know there will be more communication in the future. Also please be in prayer, one of the teenagers in this house looks like he may be in some kind of drug activity. We know God has moved us in a neighborhood that needs His Love and Light to shine in. Help us not be timid but Bold when we walk or talk in this intimidating place. I say intimidating because we often get rocks thrown at our window and two of our hubcaps have been stolen when we were parked outside. We are not in fear but know God has us here for a reason! Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to serve the lost and please help them see you when they see us.

One of the really cool things about most underclass to middle class neighborhoods here in Mexico is there is a tortilla shop; where they are making tortillas from around 9-4 and sell amazing fresh beans and salsas, a corner store where they sell milk, cheese, sodas and snacks (much like the gas station store), a haircutting/ Barber shop, a meat shop, and taco places. I also love the markets on saturday’s here. Some go for miles and sell everything from clothes to meats to fruits and vegetables. We hear on a daily basis the icecream guy ringing his bell and in the evening another guy drives around with different fresh sweet pastries. In this particular neighborhood there in a library (you can’t check the books out here but can go and study and read).

Thank you Jesus that we can trust you and know that you have a plan!

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! Psalm 115:1


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