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Soup Kitchen

We had a Thanksgiving Celebration and feast with some of the families who attend the bible study. Each person who joined us put a leaf on the Tree Of Gratitude expressing to God what they are thankful for. We were really excited that a new family joined us this day. Jose has been inviting them for months to the bible study and this was the first day they came. The families who attend were the ones who were invited to the feast, but when some who were invited were no shows it made us think of what Jesus said, “The servants were sent out to call those who were invited to the wedding feast, but they would not come... they all made excuses for why they couldn't come. Then later in the passage it says, “Go therefore to the main roads and invite to the wedding feast as many as you find” [Matthew 22:3;9]. So that is what Jose did, he went out to see who he could invite and found the husband of this family sitting alone, the uninvited now invited. After the celebration the husband said he normally does not like to go to things like this, but the worship song we sang really touched his heart and now he says he is interested in going to the bible studies. A week later when the church we attend came to pray in this community this same man accepted the Lord as his Savior! Thank you Jesus for seeking the uninvited, for being a God that wants to transform our lives and save us from emptiness and eternal pain!

We are preparing for Christmas with the kids here in this community. We have taught them to make soap so they have a gift to give to someone they love for Christmas. The week before Christmas we will wrap them and have another party with Christmas music and cookies.

El Salto

Irma called us December 1st it was time, she was in labor! We rushed to pick them up, she was having contractions 2 minutes apart. We prayed the whole way there she was in a lot of pain, squeezing her husbands’ hand and mine when the pain was intensified. When we arrived at the hospital she immediately had her baby. The hospital said that if we were five minutes later, she would have had the baby in our car. (Later we found out that her third baby was delivered in her parents car.) The baby is healthy and very strong! They decided to name the baby after Jose. We feel very honored! This family means so much to us! Please be in prayer as Pablo's mom is in the last days of her life, she is currently in the hospital and Pablo is very worried! Jose and him talked about how God may use him to share Jesus with her in her last days. Please continue to pray!

Judith's’ whole family had dengue fever and were out of work for a week because of it. The rainy season lasted longer this year and many people all around us had dengue fever. We are thankful now that they are back to work and feeling better!

Antonio is continuing to meet with Jose, God has provided this opportunity to hopefully train Antinio how to teach God’s word, and share the gospel. As they were in a meeting someone came up to them asking for money and they got to share the gospel.

La Ola Orphanage

We have had some beautiful special Friday nights worshiping with these girls. This past week after we sang about 7 songs they acted like they did not want us to leave and wanted to sing more songs to the Lord. It’s amazing because a year ago these girls didn’t even want to sing 1 song and now they are enjoying singing for an hour. Thank you Jesus for softening their hearts to you, please continue to work in these girls!

Love in Action Orphanage

We are excited to have been asked back to this orphanage to be the spiritual advocates for them. The kids have been very attentive and happy we are here. Please continue to pray for these girls! Also be in prayer for one family in particular here, this orphanage also only takes girls but one of the families only has one girl and two boys. The boys have been staying at a drug rehabilitation center which is not adequate to take care of children the way these boys need. We are trying to help find a home for all three of them. Please plead with the Lord with us on behalf of these boys lives that God will give them a good upbringing and a beautiful home and family to live with.

We want generation of darkness and hopelessness to be replaced with the hope and love of Jesus.

Our hope is that through teaching God's word they will become:

1. People with faith In Jesus alone.

2. Lovers of God's word.

3. People that seek God in prayer, to see and experience the movement of God in their lives.

4. And a movement of people sharing their faith to the lost around them. 

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! Psalm 115:1

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