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The Month Of Giving Thanks

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Seeds that have sprouted from Speaking to a church about Foster Care

On the 10th of November we were visiting a different orphanage with our church. This orphanage has a very special place in my heart. The directors are Christian and it is very evident. I love how Jesus shines in this place more than any other orphanage I have seen. We did bible study and worship with the kids. A few of the boys thanked me for being there, this melted my heart.

Money for a Family to Foster

I got to talk to the director and she said there was a family that wants to foster three of the kids but are struggling to be able to pay for their school. (In Guadalajara Mexico there is no extra money coming in if you decide to foster kids like in the states and I have not heard of a free school here. School can be anywhere to $1,000 a year to $4,000 per child in dollars). I was so excited to tell her that there was an elderly women who came up to us after speaking at the church about foster care and adoption who wanted to give $50 a month to wherever it needed to go. It's exciting to see hearts being moved for the Lord especially with people's finances. Thank you Jesus! Please be praying for this family and for the rest of the money to be provided in some way so they can start loving on these kids in a home the way God designed.

Trauma dog visiting the orphanages and a possible Foster Family

I was also asking the director if a christian couple from this church could bring their dog, that is about to get certified in trauma training, to the orphanage. I told her their story of wanting to adopt a child but they have only been married for 3 years and the rules here is that they need to be married for 5 in order to adopt. The director asked if there is anyway they would be interested in fostering a child because there is not as strict of rules. She also told me of a boy that would be perfect for their family size that needed to be fostered due to his need of one on one attention. I had no idea how to ask this couple but I prayed and texted them. I asked them to be in prayer for this child and for themselves and asked if they would be interested in visiting the boy. They visited Him and are still praying for this decision. Please come alongside this couple and be praying for what God wants and for this child's future. This couple also visited the orphanage that we go to on Fridays. I'm excited to see how God is going to use them!

More Connections to Speak at More Churches

One of the people that came up to us after speaking at the church wants to help further the word about foster care and adoption. She mentioned how there is such a big commotion about adopting dogs but not people. We met up with her and she is getting another connection to speak at another church that targets millennial's. I am praying about where God is leading me to speak next. My goal was to just run to all the different churches and speak but with the feedback and communication we have received after speaking to just one church I know it needs to be God's timing and leading, not my own. One of the Ladies at the food kitchen has also helped given me more contacts for other churches that her family members attend. Please pray for me not to get overwhelmed with this task but that God would give me peace and a boldness to speak in front of so many strangers that often give me funny looks for the color of my skin. It's easy to feel judged but I want to shine only Jesus and smile even when they glare at this weird foreigner who sticks out.

Families go to Training to Foster

We had two families go to a training from Texas Christian University that talked about how to help kids that have been through trauma. Please pray that God will use this training not to scare them but know the realities of where these kids are coming from and Loving them the way that is best, with patience and God's wisdom.

A Family Provides for the Needs of an Orphanage

Last week as we visited the Friday orphanage we had a family that wanted to give to the children. He has only been going to the church for about 3 months and has not fully given his life to Christ. Please pray for him and his families salvation! He said he was catholic but has been reading many self help books and all of them ended up being christian authors and this made him decide to go to a Christian church. This family is very generous and came to the orphanage providing clothes and some toys for everyone! Also they asked for the kids shoe size and every ones correct clothing size to make sure they could go buy more for them. WOW! I am in Awe of God and what he is doing just because I obeyed the calling of talking to a church about foster and adoption, He is allowing me to see the blessings through it. I hope more will act on the information I gave on stage to foster and adopt. Again please be in prayer for the next church we speak at.

EL Salto Bible Study

I am excited to tell you that Miriam has not seen anymore demonic activity since we prayed and fasted over her house. But please be in prayer for her Husband and two sons who are all doing drugs. Pray that they want and seek help for this addiction and for their salvation!

Another Praise is God has provided jobs for Judith and her Husband!!! Please pray for them to be good at using the money God has provided wisely. The roof of their house and one of the walls is made up of mostly canvas and when it rains there is puddles throughout their home. Please pray they can save enough money for the supplies they need to make their house more secure and safe for their family.

Another praise Judith´s sister who had Tuberculosis, we have been praying for God to heal her. I know it's no accident that she went back to the doctors and they said it's actually anemia. Thank you Jesus for Healing her!!! Help her to see you through the change of diagnosis. We found out that Pablo the man in the drug rehab facility is going to be getting out in January. This is exciting for his wife and family but please be in prayer that he will not revert back to his old ways but to rely solely on Jesus alone and not the drugs. Last week Pablo's brother (who lives by Judith where we do the bible study) threatened Jose by pulling a knife on him. He did not touch Jose but knifed our car instead just because he wanted information on his brother. Please pray that God will do mighty things in this neighborhood with Pablo's brothers and family, with Judith's brother-in-laws who do drugs (there are at least 3 total that we know of and 2 of them live on the property of where we have bible study), and also for Miriam's husband and sons.

Reaching the Teens at the Food Kitchen

We are excited because we have started a teen bible study at the Food Kitchen. This will give us more time to spend talking about what the bible says to these kids than just a quick devotion time before the kids run. We have started to read the book of John. The very first time we met with the kids there were about 8 of them and Jose was able to share his testimony. During the testimony one of the boys had a tear running down his face. They have a similar background to Jose so this is an amazing opportunity for us to be apart of. Please pray for God to lead this and for it not to be our words but the Lords!

English and Bible Learning for the Kids at the Food Kitchen

We have been teaching the kids about Thanking God for all he has given us/them, Learning about the Tower of Babel, Abraham, and now learning about Zechariah and how he doubted God. We are excited to be teaching them about the Christmas story and How Jesus came down to save sinners.


Last week the church we have been apart of did a 24/7 prayer. This is an incredible time where someone (different people) are praying every hour of the day for 7 days straight. There was a room that was dedicated to prayer. I love this because it is a lot like the movie War Room. We fight our battles in this room going to the feet of Jesus and handing over everything. I love how God is so tangible and how we have seen him answer so many prayers in our lives through the past few months I have counted 30 prayers answered. God wants us to bring everything to Him, and it's actually easy when we talk to him just like a friend. We all like to talk about ourselves who better to do this with then the author and creator of the Universe and the one who is in control of everything.

Thank you

Thank you Jesus for who you are and what you are doing!!! Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your plan, I'm honored. Thank you for everyone who is apart of this ministry through your prayers and support, we would not be able to do this without you!!!

"Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!" Psalm 115:1

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