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The Month of October


We had to say goodbye to Jose’s English Job at Hershey's this month due to so many request for ministry opportunities.

Reaching the Teenagers

Jose will be going once a week to a marathon style race training. With the intention of reaching the teenage boy’s in the community. He will give a devotion and prayer before they start their training. Please pray for these teenagers. In this culture and geographical area there are many teens that run to drugs, pray that God will speak through Jose as he talks and encourages them with the word of God.

Another Bible Study

There has been several adults wanting bible study in the community around the children’s food kitchen where we serve, and the best times for them are weekends in the evening due to their work schedules. We have church in the evening so we can do bible study Sunday mornings or a day during the week in the evening. We are praying to start soon & for God to move in their hearts. Jose has had a vision about having many house churches/bible studies, the end goal being to disciple and later for them to take charge. Some people are not willing to go to church but they are willing to go to a house or food kitchen in this case and read what the bible says. We are still praying over this and how God wants to multiply, but we are excited to do whatever He has planned.

Speaking at Churches about Foster Care and Adoption

This past Sunday Kati spoke at a Church about Foster and Adopting here in Guadalajara and how God is calling the church to help. There were three services around 700 people total. We got more people interested in coming alongside the orphanages and helping financially or physically joining us to go to the orphanages. I believe I may not see all the hearts that have been moved for these kids to live in their homes instead of a group home, but this is God’s message and He can move the hearts of His people and church the way He wants, I am just a messenger. I am continuing to seek out more churches with the help of my friends and translator. We want to make sure we are going to the solid churches that believe in the resurrection and believe in Jesus alone. There are many idols here that people believe in alongside with Jesus, with the attitudes that if Jesus doesn't work for me then I have this idol to run to, but we are continuing in our daily lives to let others know the Truth, that Jesus alone can save and no other power.

El Salto Bible Study

On Wednesday October 31st after our bible study in El Salto we were asked to go the houses of one of our bible study couples. When we arrived we were told that they have been seeing and feeling evil spirits in and around the house. Their teenage boys have been doing drugs and say demonic things about worshiping satan, and that they wanted us to pray over the house. We prayed and the next day fasted for these demonic spirits to leave. This Wednesday we will hear updates on how things have gone. Please pray for the two teenage boys salvation and this family to find rest and peace in Jesus. Please still pray for the wife of the man in the drug rehab facility. This past month we helped move her into a new house due to a drug dealer from her husband’s past bothering her. Pray for her loneliness as her husband doesnt come home till March if he continues his full rehabilitation that is recommended. She told us that he is wanting to get baptized in the rehab place and how his love for the Lord is growing. Praise Jesus for His Salvation! Continue praying for her salvation as she goes back and forth on her beliefs. She told us that praying to the virgin mary statue is all she's ever known to depend on, please pray that her heart will grow a pure devotion to Christ alone. I am hoping we can help her have an amazing Christmas with a tree, food, and presents. Please pray for the funds for this!!

Evangelizing around Town

Our car has been in the shop the last week, and the Lord has been using this time for us to talk to the Uber drivers about who Jesus is. This has been amazing to see different responses and opportunity to reach people we wouldn't normally run into. Thank you Lord for these opportunities.


We are continuing to speak at an orphanage Friday nights. We have been talking about the importance of reading the bible, this week we will be talking about how important it is to know what God believes about us as his children and what the bible says about our identity when we are His Children. I love the tangible way we can see what we are worth from His Word. Thank you Lord for your word and caring about us as individuals! Thank you also to Immanuel Bible Church for helping us with the Angel tree for these girls at this Orphanage to receive their own personal bibles for Christmas!!! Thank you so much for providing these girls with this Amazing gift!   

Children’s Food Kitchen

We are continuing to go to the food kitchen once a week to talk to the kids about Jesus, the Bible, and English Classes. They are amazing students and seem to love learning! Please be in prayer for a VBS (Vacation Bible School) If anyone wants to come visit with your church to do a Vacation Bible School this would be amazing for this community. Let us know if God puts this on your heart.

Other Opportunities

There was another director who is just staring another food kitchen nearby that came and visited and asked for us to come visit their food kitchen in hopes of providing the same English/Bible Classes. Please pray for us to keep seeking and hearing where the Lord wants us and how we can encourage others to help and grow these ministries.

Continuing to Assist the Church Plant

We have been continuing to be apart of the church plant. Worship, Children’s Ministry, Sound board, Leadership, Prayer nights, and small groups. We love this community as they speak our home language: English, and are from all parts of the world, they have become our best friends and family here, Thank you Lord for providing. This Sunday as we were in the middle of bible study before the service started a man joined us. As he started to share in something we were talking about he began to tell us that 45 minutes prior to him coming he had a gun pointed at his head and how God was able to calm him down. He was a preacher from the North of Mexico visiting one of the hospitals nearby for his kidneys and sinus’. Pray for his healing.  

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭115:1‬ ‭

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