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To Your Name Be The Glory

The Ramirez Family Update

Please be in prayer for us as Jose was in a car accident a few days ago. He is fine, but sore. God protected him and the pastor's son as they were going to evangelize. Someone speed through an intersection as Jose crept out to see if anyone was coming, they got hit. (there are no stop signs on the side roads here)

We believe the vehicle is totaled, we bought the car for $5,000 dollars two years ago and it is a 2002 Ford Explorer so we are unsure what the outcome will be. They also said if it is fixable it could take 4 months to get worked on. We should find out more information on this today.

Please be in prayer that God will provide a car to do ministry with. We are so thankful that God protected them!

Jose had the opportunity to share the gospel while waiting for the insurance companies, with 4 men. (Three from our neighborhood) curious about where he was from and what he was doing here in Mexico. Jose got to share his testimony about being a gang member to now a believer and sharing hope to the orphanages and communities here. Thank you Jesus that we can trust in you no matter what!

Please also be in Prayer as our two teenagers are traveling. Right now they are in Belize helping my brother his wife, and their two little ones as they look into the next place God is calling them. We love that they can take this time to travel while they homeschool. It's been hard living without them, the girls will also spend a month with my parents. I am excited that they have the chance to spend quality time with our family. We usually only get to see them 1 time a year and we have not seen my brother's family in 2 years. We will meet back up with the girls in Arizona in April.

Soup Kitchen

Shortly after Thanksgiving we taught the kids how to make soap. We did this for two reasons.

1. to teach them how, for more opportunities to sell it in the future if they decide, and 2. to help them have a special Christmas gift for someone in their family. The soap has to sit for 4-6 weeks before using it so we prepared early. We wrapped the soap gifts during the Christmas party. In Mexico a Christmas party is called a Posada. At the Posada Jose played soccer with the kids, we played other fun games with the parents and children, ate, helped the kids paint, and enjoyed everyone's company. Jose got to share a little bit about how Christ is the real gift to us and what a big deal this is.

We finished up the Bible study on the "I am statements Jesus made" at the soup kitchen in hopes that the kids will get to know the character of who Jesus is. Now we are doing a series of bible studies on how true faith moves a person to action, based off of Hebrews 11.

The man who accepted Christ after our Thanksgiving feast has not shown up to the bible studies yet so please continue to pray that he will run after the Lord and hunger for more of Jesus in his life. We heard from his wife that at his Job he got cut with a wood blade in the face. We are praying that the Lord is leading him closer to his heart in these circumstances and Thank the Lord for preserving his life.

Last week we were so proud of the kids as we did a 1 hour worship session with them. We never did this with them before. To think most of these kids are not Christian but are singing Christian worship songs about Jesus is pretty amazing. When we finished one child wrote on the whiteboard "Grande Es Dios" Which translates to "God is great". Please continue to work in the heart of these children, Lord! Thank you that you know them all by name and that you love them more than we ever could!

El Salto Community

Irma and Pablo's baby is continuing to be strong and healthy. Thank you Jesus for your miracle of childbirth.

Pablos mother got better the week of Christmas and was able to visit with her family in the hospital. Please be in prayer for Pablo to continue in his Faith strong because a week after Christmas his mother died and he has taken it very hard. When we were at the visitation we saw Pablos brother, the one who pulled out a knife on Jose but instead of using it on Jose he used it on our car. Jose was able to give him a big hug. He looked healthier and we were told he went to a drug rehabilitation facility in Sinaloa. His brother seemed to respond with relief when Jose greeted him with Love.

We are also praying for Irmas parents. We chatted with them for an hour about Jesus and other things that were on their mind. We are praying because they have a huge Mary statue in a large corner of their living room dedicated to her and profess to believe in the virgin of Guadalupe. Idols are a huge part of this culture and it's sad to see how the enemy has twisted the story of how our Savior came into this world. There are mary and guadalupe status everywhere including huge malls, and places of business like the gas station. We hope that evangelising here in this city weekly that the Lord can change this eventually.

Lulu is another woman in this community that God keeps placing on our hearts to care for, love on, and encourage her to know and talk with Jesus. In December she had a lot of contractions and we took her to the hospital. She kept being turned away because the hospitals kept telling her she was a high risk patient. After the 5th hospital and hours of driving she finally was looked at and they gave her a shot to help her not go into labor. She ended up having her baby on January 28th. She has a healthy baby girl named Paola Valentina. Please continue with us in prayer for Lulu and her family's salvation as well as a consistent job for her husband, he makes bricks for houses and if the weather is rainy they do not have a job and often go hungry. The Lord has provided through church and different people to bring them food every once in a while but we are in prayer so they can be on their own feet.

We also visited Antonio and Miriam and got to know their family more as we chatted with their daughter and son a little for the first time. This family knows the Lord but the kids are not following Jesus and are not believing in the God of their parents. Miriam's mother and daughter have been involved in witchcraft and we are praying for them to know the true God of power and Hope! We have been investing in Antonio and Miriam for over a year and are praying if the Lord wants more of our time in the new community they live in, there is no church in their community. We may start a bible study here weekly but are still in prayer. Some amazing news is, we have been praying for one of their sons for about a year to stop running to drugs, he is now in a rehabilitation center! God is good. I love to see Him work and prayers being answered. Also please be in prayer for Antonio's job, it is not consistent as he is a truck driver and they do not always have a job for him to go to. They are struggling financially.

La Ola and Love In Action Orphanages

We are continuing to do bible studies here at "La Ola" weekly and love to see God changing hearts. For Christmas we made them homemade chapsticks with their name on them. These girls are starting to feel like part of our own hearts. Often times in an orphanage setting they have to share almost everything so I was excited to give them something they could call their own. We love them and feel like they are family as we go in every week. This did not happen overnight and it has taken us over two years to establish this connection with these girls. Please be in prayer that the seeds are planted and they grow a strong connection with the Lord!

The orphanage "Love In Action" that we have just started to visit again is still getting the hang of us coming and the kids seem to be distracted very easily in our talks about Jesus, they enjoy the worship and game time but as soon as Jose starts to talk about God the distractions seem to appear. We know that a lot of patience with these children is a must considering their backgrounds and what they've been through. We pray for these girls to know the Lord personally and that they know they can rely on Jesus always when they can’t always rely on people.

Thank you Lord for what you are doing in each ministry! We love seeing you move and break down barriers that humanly possible we could never do. It's only through you Jesus!

We want generation of darkness and hopelessness to be replaced with the hope and love of Jesus.

Our hope is that through teaching God's word they will become:

1. People with faith In Jesus alone.

2. Lovers of God's word.

3. People that seek God in prayer, to see and experience the movement of God in their lives.

4. And a movement of people sharing their faith to the lost around them.

Isaiah 26:8

In the path of your judgments, O Lord, we wait for you; your name and remembrance are the desire of our soul.

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